WaSec Project

This Project is about the know how to conserve and eliminate the waste of water while considering potential climate change impacts, to enhance water resources management plans new innovative tools and methods need to be used.


The main scope is to teach new technologies and methods to students that will incorporate them in water resources management plans and that eventually will be adopted in the water relevant organizations and businesses. Another major concerns are the many different services that water can offer. This, in many cases can lead to conflict among the stakeholders, making water management a very difficult task.

Focus on

This project will meet the Region South-Mediterranean countries priority and the National priority for Jordan and Palestine (the partner countries of the projects) Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large emphasizing on university-enterprise cooperation (such as support for student practical placement, entrepreneurship, employability of graduates etc.). and it aims to develop a curricula that meet the market needs and will satisfy the enterprises training needs in Jordan and Palestine.

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